The people of this land

A little bee sleeps on a flower very well but then gets smacked by a man named H.G.Wells.
The carrier pigeon did a great job in World War II but they were killed by humans and this story is true.
Oh some were there is only peace and quiet and happiness but my friends before then you must protest and help save lives of animals and humans maybe you can make the world a better place maybe just maybe.

Mr GreedyGuts

Mr.GreedyGuts was the meanest and first principle to be haunted by unknown paranormal things that you can’t even explain.
The thing is that the government fired the janitor.So he had to do it all day after day .Till the end of the school year ahh summer break the time to chill out.We’ll that means a lot of work for mr. GreedyGuts so he got to work right away.But then he herd a sound that he hadn’t heard before.Then he moved in to the art room.Then he was warned by a paintbrush written in blood “warning death occurs when doing this job “. He was not impressed by this.”Death occurs. Why me? “. Then suddenly 32 voices sprang out of the blue and said “greedy guts oh greedy guts
I got you where I want you, now I am going to kill you”
Then 32 corpses of janitors sprang out and started killing him. When the students came back there was another message written in blood. It said “you will never believe what happened. ” but under the message was mr GreedyGuts.
He ripped apart and they saw a creepy robot with worms creeping up. Then the robot malfunctioned and blew up. It left a little note saying “you’re dead meat when I come back”.