Opera House

I can’t explain the inspiration behind this, nor do I quite understand it. I’ll just be grateful for the muse. :)
This is a 16×20 oil on canvas,
The ladies feel like they are the last ones at the Opera house after the show has ended. I can’t help but wonder what they see off in the distance that has them amused …



Be Light

Based on an impressionist painting I encountered, it’s a gift for my niece. A gentle prayer:

In darkness, be light.
You are everything you need.
So shine bright and true.


Snow fox. (now you tree it, now you don’t)

The young fox pauses
Greeting an evening snowfall
Delighted, tastes air


One of the joys of oils is your ability to revisit the landscape in your painting. In my first iteration, I was convinced that the lone fox couldn’t hold interest on his own. I brought a tree into the foreground to add interest, but, the more I got to know my fox, the more his personality demanded center stage. And there he stands.

Before After

Room with a view

I have a view out my bedroom window of the sunrise over a hill, through the trees. Each day greets me with a rainbow. It’s amazing. Inspired by the morning doves and the sunrise is a series of 36 in by 36 inch oils



on canvas. Glad I have a spot for 9 feet of color.